Uniworld – Boutique Hotels on the rivers.

The welcoming moment on Uniworld River Empress takes you straight into the special style of this River Cruise Ship. Mirrored walls, Fabric tent-style ceiling , opulent chandelier, pop-art pictures and wrought iron work stairway. This is a boutique style ship which will make you feel like you’re in a special place. The style may not be for everyone, but it certainly takes you into holiday mode.

You can find out more about specific itineraries on the different rivers, contact us at GoCruise.

The lounge area has plenty of space in comfortable formal arm chairs and rather proper sofas. You get the impression that champagne on the go in this room may not be only an occasional idea.
There’s a dancefloor area there too hinting at evenings of celebration and letting your hair down.

The dining room makes an impression too with bright red leather armchairs and banquettes, contrasting sharply with the white linen of the tablecloths.
It’s a high quality decor but not what you are likely to have a home.

The corridors and staterooms add to the boutique effect on this ship – with fabric wallcoverings and quality carpeting. To an untrained eye, the stateroom furniture aboard River Empress was Louis XIV or Queen Anne style with a modern interpretation. The staterooms didn’t feel spacious, but everything you need is there.

There are surprise public areas around the ship – with a lovely coffee bar space on one of the lower decks, with refreshments on hand – here’s where the full mirror effect comes to the fore which lightens and enlarges the feel of the space. A small gym room adjoins, so it is possible to keep active throughout your journeyings.

A massage and spa room is also available if a bit more pampering is required. For more practical matters a laundry room is available too.
Up the stairs from the reception area – turn one way and you head onto the upper deck. Turn the other way and a sweet little covered (retractable) space feels just right for any moments if the weather is on the turn. Pre-dinner drinks and snacks up here would be a delight.

Elegant garden style furniture graces the top deck where shaded and open areas give full opportunity to take in the atmosphere as you sail along and take in the sights.

The Red Carnation Hotels are part of the same group as the Uniworld ships, so if you’re familiar with any of them you can get a feel for the boutique style of their ships. It’s not a style for everyone, but has a special feel and could take you a world away from daily life – which could be just the ticket.

If you’d like assistance in understanding what there is to see on the different rivers, or the differences between the cruise ships, explore more and contact us at GoCruise.

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