Shape your River Cruise with Amadeus

Amadeus Silver is part of the fleet of a family run company operating 12 luxury river vessels and offering a wide range of itineraries.

To find out more about Amadeus River cruises or river cruises in general contact Sarah & Bjarne at GoCruise
Amadeus give you the flexibility to add in additional elements to create your bespoke holiday, but offer a base level of pricing which includes the key important elements – the journey, accommodation, gourmet full-board food, and wine, beer or soft drinks with lunch and dinner.

The accommodation on-board is smart, simple, and with lots of lovely touches to make your holiday feel that bit more special.
The Grand Piano in the lounge area is a sign of the approach of this cruise line – classic, elegant, a bit of a treat, but not overwhelming.
The lounge is smart and comfortable, with accents of colour, flowers, and tall windows to take in the view. Just the spot to sit around with old friends, or new found ones, to discuss your voyages and experiences along the way.
Simple style and comfort seem to be the watchwords of Amadeus. The staterooms are comfortable, well designed and well laid out to make the most of your space. The public areas use clever curves and ideas to maximise the sense of space, yet fit in as much as possible.
The ship also manages to house a small gym and hairdresser too.

The restaurant is laid out in a manner which avoids the feeling of being on top of each other – and fosters a sense of specialness. Soft evening lighting could give this the feel of a favourite restaurant – cosy and intimate, yet catering for all the ships guests!

Get down first for dinner and enjoy the deep coral armchairs as you anticipate the culinary treats that await.

If you like clean simple styling with accented colours and odd luxurious touches, the chance to mould your holiday cost to what you’re going to use (perhaps packaged in advance, but just not assumed) then Amadeus could be for you.

Amadeus Silver is a high quality river ship which enables you to enjoy the voyage, the sights, the experiences, with some clever design features and lovely touches.

For more river cruise ideas or to find more detail of Amadeus’ latest itineraries get in touch with Sarah and Bjarne at GoCruise.

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