P&O’s Britannia :: The biggest ship custom-built for British clientelle

P&O’s Britannia is has large expansive spaces on deck and in the public areas for you to be constantly reminded that you are sailing on one of the bigger cruise-ships, however there are some more intimate and secluded areas, and lots of facilities..


Birthday Celebrations on P&O’s Azura

The Sail-Away party up around the Coral Pool and Breakers Bar was a lively and fun event where it seemed almost all the passengers had come out to wave goodbye.  If you prefer some peace and quiet there are plenty of other place on the ship where you could watch Southampton disappearing….

P & O’s Oriana – Cruising Comfortably

If you have cruised before you may well have been on one of P & O’s ships.  Even if you haven’t cruised before the name P & O probably rings some bells.  Recently we took a ship visit on one of their mid-sized ships the Oriana. She entered service in 1995 and holds approx. 1880…